Pandemic 2020. What is it?

Ok, let’s clear it out.Pandemic 2020, is it the evil or the white evil?

There’re habitual, even boring disastersthe society has been shamefully averting eyes from for decades.Annually, several tens of thousands of our compatriots die from pneumonia,or simply a lung inflammation.It encompasses a range of serious diseasesand fight against them is far away from successes.This range is constantly enriched by new disease typesenlisted to the atypical once emerged.There’s a confession in the Wikipedia title article:at present, clinical practice gives no importanceto differences between atypical and typical pneumonia.According to the official world mortality statistics,lung diseases are the fourth in the list,following only cardiovascular, oncological and digestive system diseases.Generally, pneumonia progression is severe and a subsequent death is painful.Authentic picture built on 25 international reviewson pneumonia, published in 2013-2015,show us a peculiar pulmonary iceberg tip,while its underwater part stores thousands of publications reflectingmedical research development and global clinical practice.In particular, the latter says,attention, please,that more than 1.5 adult populationcome down with pneumonia annually.One and a half million.Annually about 400 thousand people are taken to hospital,while, attention, please, about a million patientsaren’t timely diagnosed pneumonia.It should be noted that over the past two years,mortality from pneumonia has been constantly increasing.For example, according to the statistics, slightly more than 40 thousand people died from pneumonia in 2014.This is the second thing.It’s more than the amount of Soviet soldiers who died over 10 years of the Afghanistan War.Just think about it.3 Afghanistan Wars die from pneumonia annually.According to the statistics, 40 thousand, more than 40 thousand people.Generally, among various kinds and types of the lung inflammation,one stands out associated with artificial lung ventilation.It’s so-called VAP (ventilator-associated pneumonia).Among existing pneumonia types, its progression is the most severeand its lethal case rate is the highest.Hello, Elon Musk,making hype on lung ventilators and Tesla’s apparatusthat will cause death of many patients,but, really, it isn’t exact.Generally, this is, indeed, the only good news todaythat it isn’t exact.By the way, the medical society has recognized this factand a clinical committee established on April 8and constituted by heads of Moscow coronavirus hospitals,they’ve presented a complicated but informed decisionto stop dividing hospitals into ones to treat patients with coronavirus and the others – with pneumonia.Governments and mass media haven’t recognized this fact officially.If trying to extract lyrics from a heap of publications on coronavirus,leaving only statistics,an amateur eye will see a rather surprising picture:This infamous pan-de-mic seems, neither in terms of quality nor – in quantity,to stand out from annual ARVI epidemiological wave so far.Is it a eureka?Or the fact that doctors conceal?Or conceal those who take advantage of it?Well, let’s start with the very beginning.So, get ready. The first thing.It’s not the virus that kills but possible complications arising from the infection,arising from the viral infection.The second thing.The range of ARVI causal viruses, annually enriched,another coronavirus was included into it on the New Year Eve.By the way, have you counted their amount, amount of these atypical types before?The number of various typical pulmonary complications was increased by an atypically atypical one.Really, what to consider typical now?Number of deaths are in the same seasonal range so far, still.Generally, what new has happened?Indeed, there’s something happened, but not where you expected.Firstly, a new thing is that a human society’s eye has become much acuter,as well as diagnostics equipment, you know, and other things.Now let’s consider it together.So, like an advanced microscope,in action it elaborately extracts new details and processesfrom a muddy ARVI and pneumonia cloudand, like a large telescope,it roughly makes global puzzles from them.However, new optics is still equipped with an old brainor a very bad brain, or not a brain at all but bondsand so on, it doesn’t matter,The society is fixed to this telescope, too,society armed with this opticsthat behaves like a sensitive young lady.You see it yourselves.You see what is going on.Here, attention, please, such sensitive young ladiesare a ground for a progress not only in medicine and not only for mercy,but for strong actors in redistribution of influence and power, crime and other various things.It isn’t important and, of course, exact.But all that, indeed, already existed.It has always been like that and will always be.However, the next thing will be about, attention please, what has never existed.Be attentive, please.Bloggers.Blog-gers.They, even cynically striving to drive up their ratings, yes,have unwillingly tore up a curtain concealing this nightmare of pulmonary hospitals, yes.Every day our close people suffer and painfully die in these hospitals.You remember, yes? 40 thousand people annually.While they were suffering and dying all these years,the human forest was living its life, we did not pay attention,after all, we know: you can’t make omelette without breaking eggs.This is statistics.And we just weren’t interested in it, that’s it.We lived, went about our business, and everything was fine.We didn’t read about the 40,000 people who died every year from pneumonia.But there is still one discovery that is interesting to realize.This is very similar to the situation, well, at war.At war, only the lightly wounded are treated, and the severely wounded are doomed to die.We have discovered the harsh reality of medicine,when it is possible to save and nurse almost every single patient now,but difficult for many patients at once,and economically impossible for all, as well as technically.I have a question for you.For example, you have a choice of what to die from:suicide or lung inflammation.What would you choose?»What a stupid question,» you’d ask.Well, it isn’t.Not stupid at all.For example, the Swedes do not impose restrictions, well, except for the usual hygiene and so on.The reason is the following:Swedish scientists have calculatedthat 10 times more people will die from stress, panic, and falling income level than from pneumonia.How come?But let’s go back to Russia now.Russia decided otherwise.Russia has decided to join the race to coronadecline the economy.That’s it.Coronadecline of the economy.The choice is a choice.We saw the game, and well, some kind of so-called twist of fatepushed by the mess and injustice,which throws the dice, who to be, and everyone else, unfortunately, not to be.I hope there’s enough room in the hospitals for everyone.How many will commit suicide or suffer lifelong mental injuries,well, in general, it does not matter now, as the victory reports of the generals won’t include these statistics.The commanders will win.The coronavirus infection will be defeated, I am sure of it,and the insatiable electorate will be fed with the country impoverishment, the ability to create freedom and protect from the abuse of power and control.Total resetting to zero.But why?Yes, it just happened.As it did in 1917.It just happened there, too.Somehow, we often get such rare odds.Black swans of hard coincidences.This is where I need to take a breath.But the main discovery is that nothing new has actually been discovered.I have seen enough of Black Mirror, read a lot of books and refused to consider the 2020 pandemic a black swan,because its future is not only quite predictable but was already repeatedly predicted by futurists.The current scenario has become an ordinary scenario for disaster movies and fantasy mass production.That’s it.Much is written todaythat no one is reading,one can count only likes maybe.So the word is no longer a commander of human minds, guys.Society, guided by the double-dealing of the market and government, has lost its invisible head.Was there one?I don’t know.Civil society has surrounded itself by the shit of its own blogs and screwed up its role of the one responsible for the picture of the world.A lone state, seeing nothing beyond its nose, rules an imaginary country, population like preserves,which should be protected from damage by eating at bestand prevented from spreading, and, of course, be tracked for taxes.Now what?What about next year?In a year everyone will be immuned with a generic Chinese coronavaccine, if another one won’t be invented,safely forget about the troubles of 2020 and start patching up the budget holes,and a dark year, which took so many brave good and beautiful lives, will hardly leave something to remember.In the Origin of Russian Communism, Berdyaev followed Goethe’s famous thought about the forces of evil that do good.Interesting, isn’t it?He wrote: «In our sinful, evil world, an uninterrupted progressive development is impossible.Too often it happens that no positive creative regenerative forces are to be found in the community,and then judgement upon that community cannot be escaped; then a disrupture of time takes place.An interruption comes, and those forces triumph which appear irrational from a historical point of view.And good itself is realized by forces of evil, — attention! -Good itself is realized by forces of evil, since forces of good were powerless to realize their good in history.»Take care of yourself, take care of your loved ones, your city, your country.Love each other.Everything will be fine.Русский (создано автоматически)

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